As winter slows us all down, spring is when we all start getting ready and excited for the summer months again. The longer days are upon us and the spring clean is calling. A chance to declutter the home, free up some space, throw open the doors and windows and let the fresh air fill our spacious rooms throughout the house,

Over the winter months we seem to accumulate more and more clutter. This could be unwanted Christmas presents that are put on display during the festive period, left out Christmas ornaments, new years eve party props, hot water bottles, blankets and more. Spring is the perfect chance to declutter and get the house in order again.

It can feel like every cleaning task is unbearable as the dust has piled up and clutter seems to be everywhere. The best way to approach the spring clean is to clear out before you start cleaning. We have put together some steps to help you:

Firstly, Declutter Room By Room

Grab three bags, one for the rubbish, one to donate and one to store safely in a storage unit in Peterborough. As you go through each room decide if the item is going to stay where it is, if it needs to be binned, if a charity shop might appreciate it or if it needs to go in storage for use in the future. Go through each room, one by one and don’t move onto the next room until the room before is done.

Secondly, Clean Room By Room

Preparing for Spring - Utilising Self Storage Quick Self Storage

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Take your cleaning products and equipment into each room, one at a time. Start at the top of the room and work your way down. From ceiling lights, shelves and sideboards, right down to the floor. Dust off all the items and then clean the surfaces that they are on. Remember to give books and other items on shelves a quick dust off too. As you’re dusting all the items you might decide you have more things to go into a storage unit in Peterborough so keep your ‘storage bag’ to hand as you clean the rooms.

Extra Storage Space Helps!

A Quick Self Storage unit in Peterborough can really help you with your preparation for spring and will help you utilise your self-storage too. Instead of storing all your winter coats, Christmas decorations and more in the house – they can be safely kept in your storage unit. You can book one using our easy, online booking system. Naturally there are other things which make your spring cleaning easier too.

Maybe you have decided that the spring clean of the home has left you needing a home make-over or a fresh lick of paint. To make the decorating easier, you can pop your larger furniture and other items into storage for the short-term while you decorate or make-over your home, without the worry that the furniture could be damaged.

Universally, everyone we talk with feels a great sense of relief and relaxation having had a good spring clean, and having made more space within their home. While we never really like throwing things away, especially things which hold memories for us. We rarely want all those things out and on show all the time. It is for this reason that so many of our customers get a self storage unit in either Peterborough or Darlington, so they can expand their personal storage without over filling their home. If you have never used self storage before, it is worth trying it, refreshing your home, and seeing the value of a good clear out for yourself!