Moving abroad isn’t to be taken lightly. If it is as a family, then all members are likely to experience a significant life transition bringing both challenges and opportunities. Over and above all of this are the family’s possessions, and how to best deal with them. Here we discuss how self-storage can help during a move abroad.

With many complex and challenging situations occurring when moving abroad, there are a variety of issues that arise when it comes to handling household effects. It’s best to know about them in advance as they will affect your move timeline in a big way.

The advantage of having a safe place like self storage to keep possessions while planning takes place is significant. It can take a good deal of pressure off what is often a stressful time. Bear this in mind if you are in any of the following areas and are looking for a trustworthy self storage facility to store your possessions:

If you are looking for self storage in Peterborough, Darlington, and Liverpool areas, Quick Self Storage could be your best option. Here is some useful advice when having to move abroad:

Considerations when Moving Abroad

Faced with a full household of goods, the first thing that normally comes to mind is whether to sell or take them with or combine both. Here are some issues you will be facing:

Moving Abroad? Self Storage Will Help Quick Self Storage

  • Each country has its own customs regulations regulating what can be brought into the new country, including paying duties or taxes. Knowing what the restricted or prohibited items are, is important.
  • Understand the paperwork involved, such as the visas, permits, and customs documentation. If mistakes are made here, it can lead to delays, fines, or even the confiscation of goods.
  • Calculate the shipping costs and possible delay penalties. Costs are determined according to the distance, mode of transportation, and the volume/weight of the items being shipped.
  • Make sure you have insurance, know its cost, and understand the fine print. International insurance policies can be complex, and coverage may vary.
  • For the functionality of your appliances note that different countries may have different standards for housing and furnishings and yours may need adjustments or additional purchases. This applies to the likes of electrical appliances and electronics that may need adapters or may not be compatible at all.

Over and above all of this, international moves often take longer than domestic ones. There could be delays in shipping, customs clearance, and other bureaucratic processes that can extend the duration of the move. This is when self storage comes into play.

The Benefits of Self Storage When Moving Abroad

When moving abroad, self storage can assist immensely, taking the pressure off and giving flexibility and convenience to the relocation process. This is how self storage can assist you both at your current home or the new destination.

At home, before moving:

  • By using self storage temporarily, you have time to sell items that you don’t want. These could also be ones that you wish to donate or leave behind. In this way, you can declutter the home and lessen the amount of goods you need to move.
  • Self storage will also help clear the house of items that you want to get out of the way when you prepare it for sale. A less cluttered and more organized home can be more appealing to potential buyers.
  • A storage unit is useful as a staging area for packing. It helps organize your possessions, allows you to pack gradually, and has an allocated area for organizing your belongings.
  • In the event of a delay causing a gap between moving out of your local home and moving into one abroad, self storage provides a safe and convenient short-term storage solution.
  • With the self storage unit containing the items you will pack, you can start the packing process well in advance, helping you do the job in an unhurried manner.

After you have moved abroad:

  • To give you extra time to find housing at your new destination, by using a self storage unit you can create a temporary solution for your belongings until you find the right place to live.
  • It takes time to adjust to a new environment. By keeping your goods in self storage initially, it gives you time to settle in and make more informed decisions.
  • It’s conceivable that some items may not fit or be suited to the new space. Self storage helps you store certain items that may not fit in your new space but are valuable or sentimental.
  • It also caters to storing seasonal items that are not going to be used immediately, keeping them safe and out of the way.
  • It reduces the worry when delays occur as you know that everything is secure in a self storage unit. It’s a convenient solution to access essential items during the waiting period.

Your Household Possessions: Take or Leave Behind?

For many, deciding whether to take their household possessions with them abroad is difficult. In the end, the decision comes down to a few key factors:

  • Should the move abroad be temporary, for example, a short-term assignment or limited contractual period, it may be best to consider storing them. For long-term or permanent stays, it may pay to take them with.
  • Irreplaceable or sentimental items like heirlooms, family history, or those with great personal value would be better taken abroad.
  • The climate abroad may not be suited for the kind of furniture or clothes you have, so taking them wouldn’t make sense.
  • When leaving possessions behind, it’s best to find a reputable storage facility that you know will provide secure storage and look after your possessions during the long-term storage period.

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