For many downsizing means a simpler life, one that is less complicated and is a carefully chosen option. Downsizing often applies to older people who have been living in a house that accommodated their family and now have left the nest. When faced with the decision to do this, it’s important to understand how self storage can help with downsizing.

Downsizing could also occur unexpectedly, where the circumstances are not your making- such as the loss of a partner or finding yourself in unfortunate financial circumstances. While this may be devastating at the time, downsizing may help you move forward. Here it may be prudent to be circumspect with your possessions and enlist the help of self storage.

Self storage units are individual storerooms designed to keep your possessions protected from damage and theft. Their security is renowned and storage facilities take great care to ensure the safety of their client’s goods.

Anybody thinking of downsizing should consider self storage before making rash decisions about what to do with their excess goods. At Quick Self Storage with branches in Peterborough, Darlington and Liverpool we provide the ideal solution for people downsizing in the area.

The Benefits of Having a Self Storage Unit When Downsizing

When downsizing, self storage will be an amazing help because it provides a place where you can store the possessions that you have chosen not to take with you into your smaller home. After all, there is sure to be quite a lot of stuff that you can’t take with you and don’t want to lose.


How Self Storage Helps with Downsizing Quick Self Storage

Limited Storage Duration

One big advantage of self storage is the limited duration-normally a month at a time- of a storage contract. This means that the renter has a temporary place to keep things while deciding what to do with them. Also, if they want to extend the duration beyond the month, they can do so with ease.

Gives You a Breather

The downsizing event can be traumatic to those that have to move to a smaller space. Even more so is having to look through all the accumulated belongings that have been acquired over a long period. Having the freedom to put a load of goods into storage temporarily gives breathing space. It means that you can take your time deciding what you want to do with the things that you are not sure of.

Antiques and Family Heirlooms

It is not uncommon to have traditions that involve the passing down of family heirlooms and antiques. These may be bulky like wardrobes, tables, or sideboards, and which have been adequately accommodated in a large house before the downsizing. To help make the move easier, these can be stored in self storage quite easily. From there they can be allocated to family members at the appropriate time. They will be entirely safe in a self storage unit, helping preserve the family heritage for future generations.

Variety of Storage Unit Sizes 

Fortunately, self storage offers a range of unit sizes. This means whether the load is big or small, there is sure to be the right-sized unit for those who are downsizing. The benefit here is that you pay only for what you need, and when in doubt about what size to choose, simply give the self storage facility a call for advice.

By choosing a conveniently located self storage facility with a size-choice option, the unit becomes yours to keep all your excess goods safely. This means that you don’t lose a thing, even though you are in a smaller place after downsizing.

Take the Worry out of Downsizing.

Don’t agonise about your possessions and what may or may not have to go. At an affordable storage cost nearby, the answer lies within easy reach. Instead of worrying about the decisions that must be made about the future of your possessions, let self storage be the savior. This allows you a breather and takes a lot of pressure off you, allowing you to focus on the move.

Getting Ready for Self Storage When Downsizing

A further way to take the anxiety out of downsizing is to plan the layout of the new living space, using the assets that you have in the best way possible. Measure the new place and decide by going from room to room what you would like to put where.

  • By doing so you will soon get a good picture of what is left behind.
  • Remember to give yourself enough space in the downsized home as the tendency could be to cram more than necessary into the new home.
  • Set aside everything that is destined for storage by moving it into a spare room or the garage.
  • Use sturdy cardboard cartons, preferably the same size for uniform packing purposes, and label them for ease of identification later.

A suggestion is to contact a self storage facility near you when you are thinking about downsizing. Research to satisfy yourself that it can easily be arranged and that a rental unit is within your budget.

Next, find out about the unit sizes available so that you can roughly estimate how much you can store in a suitable unit. It is always best to know the cost, which, with self storage is normally very reasonable.

Look No Further than Quick Self Storage

Take time to prepare the load for self storage, remembering that good wrapping and careful packing helps keep your possessions safe from damage and protected while in storage.

Sometimes what is intended as a short-term stay could become a long-term arrangement, so rather prepare for the long haul just in case.

Don’t attempt to move everything to self storage yourself, this is just a false economy. A removal company will do what they do best, ensuring everything is safely transferred into the self storage unit.

With the help of the Quick Self Storage staff, your move is sure to go well.

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