Business storage options rarely bring to mind offsite storage in storage units. Self storage is often thought of as something for homeowners. Maybe they have too many belongings, are off travelling the world, having improvements done on the house or downsizing. However, our self storage units are commonly used for business owners too. And why not? We offer a great deal of benefits to small businesses, as well as homeowners.

There are lots of reasons that cause small business owners use our units for business storage in Peterborough, and in Darlington too. We have listed some of the more common reasons below.

Secure Alarmed Storage

If you have products for sale, confidential paperwork or office equipment that needs storing, you want somewhere you can trust. Our business storage units are secure and alarmed. This protects those items that could have become stolen or damaged if left at your business premises. With stock values, and equipment values, on the rise, having secure storage as a business is of paramount importance. Having insurance is all well and good, things can be replaced, though the time taken to replace things, plus the knock on with changes in insurance premiums means it is better to never need that insurance in the first place.

Having secure business storage keeps all your records, archives, stock and equipment safe, so the potential for downtime is greatly minimised.

More Office Space

For businesses that have sales peaks and troughs throughout the year it can be hard to manage stock. Our business storage solutions mean that we can store stock out of season. You then have access to it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – as and when you need it. This frees up office space for your employees or warehouse space for other products.

How Can Storage Help Your Small Business? Quick Self Storage

Flexible Storage Size

We know that every business is different, and this means that their business storage needs are different too. This is why we have a wide range of storage unit sizes. Whether you need space for office equipment, extra stock or out of season stock – we have the size and storage space that you need. If you need more or less, we can upgrade and downgrade your business storage needs accordingly.

Save Money Through Expanded Business Storage

As a small ecommerce business there will be times that you can buy huge amounts of stock at very low prices. It’s known as bulk buying. While it can save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds, these savings are often avoided due to storage limitations. Our business storage units can help. You can bag yourself a bargain with the bulk buy discount and store the items with us. Then you’ve got access whenever you need it to sell or use the products as you need them.

How Can Storage Help Your Small Business? Quick Self Storage

Cost Effective Business Storage With Easy Access

You may be surprised to hear that the cost of business storage in Peterborough is actually less than the cost of a larger office. Storage in Darlington is similarly, very reasonable value. You may think that it’s cheaper to move to a bigger office space with a warehouse. However, make sure you do your research first. You’ll often find it’s easier, safer and more cost-effective to use a storage unit instead. This is especially the case if extra space is just needed every now and again.

Want to know more about our business storage solutions? Call our friendly team. They can answer any questions you have and even book you in for a look round the storage units if you’d like?