It’s a natural part of life and a food thing when children leave the nest and move into their own home. While you may be excited for the extra space you gain when they move out, don’t get too excited just yet! Unfortunately, they don’t take all their things with them. While they don’t want to take old schoolbooks or pre-loved toys with them, they can’t dare to think of them being thrown away either. This can mean they are left taking up space in your home.

So, in this blog we help you with decluttering your home once the kids have flown the nest and left.


Decluttering After the Kids Have Left Home Quick Self Storage

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Force Choices

Speak to your children about what they want to keep and what they don’t want to keep. You need to be strict and not allow for “maybes”. Tell them that what they want to keep must be taken with them. Forcing these tough choices means you won’t accidentally throw away something that is important to them, but it also means you get some space back in your home too.

Donate Things

Exam practice books, school subject books and more can be expensive. Instead of keeping them to gather dust when not donate them to a friend, neighbour or another child that is now studying that subject. If there are family heirlooms that neither you or your child want to see thrown away or given to a charity shop, why not see if another member of the family might like it. Larger furniture could always go into self storage until they have a home large enough for it.

Car Boot Sale

Your child will quickly be finding out just how expensive it is to move out, let alone buy all the things they need for their new home. A car book sale is a great way to sell all the items they no longer want. It will also give your child that much needed cash they need to buy things for their new home too. Larger items can be sold on Facebook Marketplace and eBay, instead or lugging them to a local car boot sale.

Get Packing

By now you will have decided with your child what is to be kept and taken, and what is to be donated, sold or thrown away. However, as we have mentioned, there may be some items they want to keep, but don’t have room for right now. If you are keen to get the space back in your home, why not book some personal storage space at a local self storage unit. Your belongings will be kept safe until your child needs them, and you can get on with making the most of the extra space in your home.


There will be things that your children want to keep, but they just don’t have the space. That’s what our Peterborough self storage and our Darlington self storage facilities are for. You and your child can use it as your own personal storage space