If you are looking for a safe and secure way of your storing your possessions until you need them, then Quick Self Storage are here for all your household storage needs. Through the use of our storage facilities, you can make your life easier and more clutter-free, giving you and your family more space to really enjoy life at home.

In this blog post we have put together some of the benefits of using storage for home, so you can see how household storage can work for you.

  • Home Decluttering

If you have been in your home any longer than 6-9 months, chances are you will have started collecting ‘things’. Very quickly your home can become overrun with belongings, such as family heirlooms, ornaments, vases, crockery and more. There are things we all want to keep, as they have a special meaning to us. However, they also take up room. The garage, shed and loft quickly become full and the spare room along with wardrobes quickly become extra storage space. 

Make some breathing space in your home while keeping you home clean and tidy – place your belongings into household storage. All the things that you are keeping for the future, or only use one season each year, can be placed into storage. You’ll know your belongings are safe and secure, but you’ll still have the space in and around your home that you need.

It can be really easy top get caught up in the process of decluttering your home. You can end up throwing something away now to clear space, then quickly regret it in the future. If you’re not sure if you want to keep or throw something away, why not place it in storage until you can decide for sure. Then, you can tackle the items that you have in storage at a later date, with a fresh perspective.

  • Security From Theft

While it may seem simpler and more cost-effective to store your household belongings in your shed or garage, you need to think about how secure they are. Think about the area you live in and how often sheds, or garages are broken into. It can be extremely common in some areas. If a potential thief sees you placing belongings in your shed or garage, you could quickly become a prime target. Using our storage units for your household storage needs can put those worries of theft to bed.

Our self storage facility has extensive security features. We have 24-7 CCTV surveillance cameras located in and around the storage units. Our storage facility also has an alarm system, staff members on site and is gated around the perimeter.

When you use Quick Self Storage for your household storage needs you will have your own key to access your storage unit. You’ll be able to rest safe at night knowing that your much-loved belongings are possessions are safe and secure, throughout the day, night and holidays.

  • Business Stock

Many people started their own businesses during lockdown and the pandemic. Some of these were craft businesses that started as a hobby. Quickly the business took off and lots of stock and materials were needed. Over time the crafts, stock and materials took over the home. However, getting an office space is too much of a financial burden for a lot of small business owners. But, at the same time, you still want your house back.

This is where our personal storage facilities can come in. You can use the storage space to store excess stock or left-over stock from fayres and events. You’ll often get discounts if you purchase materials or stock in bulk. This can also be stored in our storage units. This means you save money when ordering things, but you still have the space in your home that you need.

Perhaps you run a services business from home and there are files, documents and contracts that you need to keep for your clients. Once you have more than a handful of clients, you can find yourself surrounded in paperwork that you don’t need, but legally you need to store safely. Once again, this is where our household storage units can come in handy. You can extend your home office to have additional storage space for all the things you need to legally keep, but don’t need every day.

  • Moving Home Storage

Moving house can be stressful. No matter how much you do in advance and how well you prepare. The process of moving house is often stressful, mentally tiring and physically exhausting. There is so much to think about outside of the move. Everyone needs to know your new address. You need to change the utilities for your new home. There is the installation of your white goods and more. That’s before the packing and moving the boxes of belongings and deciding where items will go. Then you have the worry of prized possessions being damaged during the move, and ensuring nothing goes missing – and what about the pets and children???

A great way of removing a lot of the stress when moving home is to use a self storage unit as a middle man. You can pack your belongings that aren’t needed all the time and place then into storage. Gradually you can move more and more things into storage. This will free up the space in your old home to make the physical moving of large and bulky items easier. It also reduces the stress at the other end. You can move all the large furniture in and choose where it will go. Then, you can move in the things from storage – in your own time. You won’t be having top move 10 boxes out the way every time you need something.

There are times that the moving chain doesn’t quite link up. This can result in your home being sold but the home you are moving to not quite being ready. Waiting until the new home is ready can run the risk of your buyer pulling out, and the chain falling through so you have to start all over again. Our self storage units are the perfect solution. We can store your items safely until you need them. You can stay at a friend’s house, family home or in a hotel until the new home is ready. All the time, you’ll know your belongings are safe and secure, ready for when your new home is!

  • Student Belongings

Storage units are ideal for student belongings too. When your son or daughter goes off to university for a few years you can often be left with an unused spare room. By placing their belongings in storage, you can use the spare room as a guest room or office. You could even rent the room out to make some extra money to help towards your child’s university fees!

Maybe you are a student looking to take a gap year, but don’t want to keep the room you are renting just to keep your belongings. In this case you could put your belongings in storage. Our rental costs for the space will be a lot less than the cost of your accommodation. This means you will save more money for your gap year and travels.

Our storage units are also ideal for international students that return to the UK during holidays. Just as our units can be useful for moving house, they can store a student’s belongings between on-campus student accommodation and the move to a new home with other students. If you want to know more about our student storage solutions, just drop us a line.

  • Seasonal Items

There are lots of items you have that are not needed throughout the year. This could include your lazy spa, deck chair, ski equipment, water ski equipment, Christmas decorations, gazebo and more. These are items that are really expensive to purchase brand new each year. However, they also take up a lot of room when being stored at your home too. 

If you have large seasonal items, you only need for one season each year, why not consider our household storage units? This way you have your items safe and secure for when you need them. They are out of your way leaving you the space you need, then when you need them, you know exactly where they are, without emptying the whole shed, loft or garage out. 

Your seasonal items will also be safe from the elements of the weather, which may not be possible in a shed or garage. Our storage is also temperature controlled to keep your belongings safe, unlike your loft for example.

  • Retirement Downsizing

As we look towards our retirement, many of us plan to downsize. We no longer need the space that we did with the family, or the large garden is too much work, and the house takes too long to clean. Some people choose to downsize for retirement to make some money available to start enjoying life. Buying a smaller home frees up money to go on holidays, visit friends, travel to places they have always wanted to. 

While you might want a smaller home, if you have lived in your large home for some time – you might still need the space. Our home storage solutions can help resolve this problem. You can keep all the family heirlooms, art work and large furniture you want to pass down to the family. Meanwhile, you can still save money and get a smaller home. Your belongings are safe and secure, and you’re happy in your new home.

Perhaps you have an item you want to pass down to your grandchildren when they get their own home in the future. Our storage facility can look after these items until you or your grandchildren are ready to take them into their own homes. With the help of our storage units, you can take the stress out of downsizing.

Our household storage facilities are affordable and flexible. Whatever your storage needs, we can help. Call our team now to find out more, or to book a visit.