We all know winter is coming, but do we all know how to prepare for it in terms of storage? While you might know to check your heating and boiler before the cold weather comes, what else do you need to do? You can prepare yourself by opening the winter wardrobe, getting out hats, scarves, gloves, winter coats and thick jumpers. But what about storing your belongings through the winter months?

Some of your possessions will need to be stored properly to ensure they are not damaged during the cold winter months. This includes items such as BBQs, lawnmowers and garden furniture for example. Outdoor furniture is often to bulky to just bring into your home for storage during winter, and if you do bring it into your home it can lead to your home becoming very cluttered, which if you work from home can be a real issue. Having a quality self storage solution can really help you to keep things in good condition, and maintain quality of life.

In this blog post we have put together some top tips to help you with preparing for winter with self storage, by using our secure storage facility in Peterborough.

Store or Donate Outdoor Furniture

The first thing you need to do is to go through your belongings. Look at the garden furniture, paddling pools, outdoor toys, lawn mowers, BBQs and more. If it is broken and can’t be repaired, or it is old and doesn’t work as well – decide if you want to upgrade or store for another year. Those items that are in good condition, decide if you use them enough or if you should sell or donate those too. Just like you declutter your home, you need to declutter your garden and shed.

Clean Items to Prevent Damage in Self Storage

It’s important that everything is clean and dry when it goes into secure storage. This way it will be in the best possible condition when you come to collect it after the cold winter months. Dirty items can attract pests or can cause damage over time, so the cleaner the items, the better condition they will stay in. Ensuring your items are clean before you put them in our storage facility in Peterborough will also help you stay clean at drop off and pick up too. While our storage units are proofed against pests gaining entry, if you bring pests in on unclean items then that is another matter.

Protect Items for Self Storage

When storing items, it’s always recommended that you keep them protected. A good way of doing this is with furniture covers and blankets. These will keep the dirt and dust off your items when they are in transit or in storage. The blankets and covered will also protect your belongings from dents, tears and bumps when moving them to the secure storage facility in Peterborough.

Create Extra Space by Storing Summer Tools

If you have a lot of garden tools and DIY tools that are frequently used during the summer months but not touched in the winter months, then why not pop them in storage. This will give you extra space in your home, shed or garage, and it will ensure they are kept safe and dry. It’s a good idea to prepare them well for storage so they’re in good working order when the cold and wet season is over. This includes draining the fuel from your lawnmower and other power tools for example. It’s recommended that you do an oil change too and clean off any debris from within or around the tool or machine.

When you are looking to put BBQs and grills into storage you need to make sure they are properly and thoroughly cleaned. This means taking all the grease and residue off of the BBQ and grill. You may choose to pop your grills through the dishwasher once the grease has been removed. This will make them extra clean. Leaving anything on the BBQ or grill can attract pests. It could also corrode the metal overtime too. If you have a propane tank for your BBQ this will need to be disconnected. Call our team to confirm the storage needs of this and if we are able to store it for you, as we do have some rules and regulations regarding flammable items.

Leaving garden and patio furniture out during the winter months can result in sever damage to your furniture. You need to make sure you take any canvas pillows and cushions off the furniture first. They will then need cleaning down and drying fully. If the furniture is being left outside, place a waterproof cover over it. However, if you would like to gain more space in your garden and want to ensure the furniture is safe, secure and protected – you can cover it in a regular blanket and bring it to our storage facility in Peterborough. It will just need collecting and dusting off when you need to use it again.

Storing Sports Equipment in Self Storage

When storing your bicycle for the winter months, it needs to be stored carefully. We would recommend that you clean it fully and fill the tires up before you store it away for the winter months. If you want to store your bike for long periods of time, it is a good idea to store it by hanging it from a wall or the ceiling. This will help keep the weight from the frame from pushing down on the tires which can cause damage.

If you’re struggling to find secure storage spaces from your summer belongings, but you don’t want to get rid of them, call our team. Our secure storage facility in Peterborough could be the perfect solution for you. Alternatively, our Darlingtion secure storage facility might be the ticket, depending on your location. Let Quick Self Storage help you to keep your quality of life high, and clutter at home and work low, self storage is what we do.