Whether your parents are minimalists or not, helping them declutter is often an emotional process. Your parents may hold onto aged items for sentimental value, desire to conserve, a sense of loyalty, loneliness, history, and memories. They can be obsessive about their things, making decluttering an emotional roller coaster. These tips will be of great help when helping them declutter.

Begin the Conversation on the Right Foot

Helpful Decluttering Tips Quick Self Storage

Most parents will require a lot of convincing before they agree to downsize their valuables. When having the conversation, you ought to choose your words thoughtfully. You can approach decluttering as something collaborative instead of an order because they may feel attacked if you sound authoritative or commanding. Discuss the various options available, including Storage Peterborough, where they can keep their most valuable items safe but away from the house, or throwing away the unnecessary things.

Admit to the Complexity of the Task

Helpful Decluttering Tips Quick Self Storage

The best thing to do is to develop patience throughout this process. Convincing them to move from a place where they have had so many memories is an overwhelming task. This is because they are being forced to let go of the physical memories of their life as well as move into a new place they may not be excited about. Also, remember that what you consider as clutter may be different for your parents. Therefore, be patient with them while deciding what to throw away, keep safely at Storage Peterborough, or donate.

Start with the Least Sentimental Items

Helpful Decluttering Tips Quick Self Storage

At the beginning of this process, consider throwing away the items with the least sentimental value. These include towels, appliances, and sheets. It will help the process move swiftly initially and get your parents used to let things go. However, the pace slows down once you get to the more sentimental items, but you do not have to throw these away. Have alternative ways of decluttering them, such as buying extra storage spaces.

Take Custody of your Childhood Items

Helpful Decluttering Tips Quick Self Storage

The only thing your parents would hate when decluttering is to see the disposal of items. Having this in mind, ask them to allow you to take charge of your childhood items, and they will gladly oblige. This is a great chance to sort through all items and eliminate things that do not have any sentimental value. If an item does not bring good memories to you, it will most likely not mean much to your parents.

Add Storage

This is a great way to declutter. The best way is by adding shelves, peg racks, storage boxes, or better yet, contact Storage Peterborough for external storage options. Do not get too caught up in the process that you forget walking down memory lane with your folks. Enjoy the process, and you may get to learn more about your family’s history.

Hire Professionals

As things get more challenging, consider hiring professionals specializing in helping people let go of sentimental value items. They will aid you in a smooth decluttering process and help you decide what to keep, donate, or discard for only a small fee. It can also be helpful to involve someone who does not have any emotional connection to these items.